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Dashbuiltminis GP Lite

GP Lite

Dashbuiltminis GP Mini Bike



GP Lite treaded tire

Unique to GP Lite

  • 98cc, 3hp engine

  • Low effort pull start

  • Street or dirt tire option

  • New rider friendly- adjustable speed governor

  • Can easily pull a 200lb+ rider to its top speed of 20mph

Mini bike trio

Shared Features

  • Handmade TIG welded frame and handlebars

  • Laser cut brackets, mounts, tabs

  • Sprocket of our design 

  • Hydraulic brakes

  • Brake rotor of our design

  • Biltwell grips

  • Premium black leather seat, stitched with Serafil thread in the color of your frame

  • 9 unique color options

  • Finished in Prismatic powders

  • Can easily fit and support riders over 6ft, 250lbs

  • Automatic, no gears, no clutch lever

GP Wheel

Unique to GP

  • 212cc, 11hp engine

  • Keyed electric start

  • Full rear exit exhaust

  • Perfomance intake filter

  • Battery, battery box, and charging system

  • LED headlight and taillight

  • Number plate 

  • Aluminum DWT kart wheels

  • Maxxis kart slick tires

  • Proprietary billet hub design

  • Upgraded 5/8" axles

Get to Know Us


Dashbuiltminis was started by a few racecar builders to build the coolest mini bikes we could build. We're hardcore mini enthusiasts, so we put a lot of thought into the design, look, and function of our bikes. We prioritize craftsmanship and cleanliness. Each frame is handmade and TIG welded in house, using the same tools, equipment and attention that our racecar chassis fabrication requires. Because we've already made the massive equipment investment for our other fabrication work, we're able to produce these bikes at a quality and price point that is very competitive. 

Hand built in Fort Worth, TX

We take great pride in being able to live and manufacture products in the greatest country on Earth. Though we cannot say these bikes are 100% Made in USA, we do our best to support American small businesses and jobs, as much as possible. Below is a list of some of our components, suppliers and their respective locations.

  • Wood CNC routed seat bases- Fort Worth

  • Leather and foam supplier- Fort Worth

  • Upholstery- Fort Worth

  • Tubing supplier- Dallas

  • Parts and components- Fort Worth

  • CNC hub machining- Fort Worth

  • Hardware supply- Illinois

  • CAD Engineer- Dallas

  • Powder supply- Oregon

  • Powder Coater- Fort Worth

  • Laser cutting- Maryland

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