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The GP Lite is our take on a simple, ultra clean, practical mini bike. It has everything you need, along with plenty of power. Though this model is simple, do not discount its quality. It uses the exact same TIG welded frame and premium leather seat as our flagship GP model. This bike is perfect for all sizes, and skills of riders. It can haul a 200lb+ adult at 20MPH, or it can be turned down to a slower and more forgiving speed for the newer rider. At 78lbs curb weight, the GP Lite can easily be lifted into a truck for quick and easy transporting. With no clutch or gears to shift, the GP Lite is the ultimate pit bike around the paddock, or cruiser around the neighborhood.




The GP Lite is a simple and perfectly well executed mini bike. It also just happens to be nicer than anything your friends are riding.






  • 98cc, 3hp engine

  • Low effort pull start

  • Street or dirt tire option

  • New rider friendly- adjustable speed governor

  • Can easily pull a 200lb+ rider to its top speed of 25mph

  • Handmade TIG welded frame and handlebars

  • Laser cut brackets, mounts, tabs

  • Sprocket of our design 

  • Hydraulic brakes

  • Brake rotor of our design

  • Biltwell grips

  • Premium black leather seat, stitched with Serafil thread in the color of your frame

  • 8 unique color options

  • Finished in Prismatic powders

  • Can easily fit and support riders over 6ft, 250lbs

  • Automatic, no gears, no clutch lever




All Dashbuiltminis bikes are offered in 9 high quality powder coat finishes, matched with their respective thread color. If you'd like to change your seat thread color to be different from your frame, please contact us.



*ALL BIKES ARE CUSTOM BUILT AND LISTED AS "OUT OF STOCK". We try and keep build times around 3 weeks, but sometimes they are longer. Please email us at if you are looking for a more accurate build time.



GP Lite Mini Bike

Frame Color
Stich Color
2-6 week build time
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