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The GP is our take on the baddest mini bike you can buy. It has everything you need, along with everything you want. A bigger engine, shifter kart wheels and tires, billet hubs, electric start, and lights are some of the features to expect with the GP model.


The entire inspiration for this bike started with the rear hub. We wanted to utilize a shifter kart wheel and slick tire, but retain all other motorcycle components. This retains the clean and natural look of a motorcycle, without the use of a go kart axle and wheel bearings. We designed and machined the first prototype hubs at our facility, and now we have them CNC machined locally. That means we are able to achieve a look and style that no one else can offer.


Capable of 38MPH in stock form, this bike is for experienced riders only.


With no clutch or gears to shift, the GP is just as convenient as the Lite version.




The GP is truly a one of a kind bike, that's guaranteed to turn heads anywhere you find yourself. Be it the pits, paddock, or neighborhood, you will undeniably have the coolest ride around.







  • 212cc, 11hp engine
  • Keyed electric start

  • Full rear exit exhaust

  • Performance intake filter, Stage 1 carb jetting

  • Battery, battery box, and charging system

  • LED headlight and taillight. White or yellow headlight settings.

  • Number plate 

  • Aluminum DWT kart wheels

  • Maxxis kart slick tires

  • Proprietary Dashbuilt billet hub design

  • Upgraded 5/8" axles



  • Handmade TIG welded frame and handlebars

  • Laser cut brackets, mounts, tabs

  • Sprocket of our design 

  • Hydraulic brakes

  • Brake rotor of our design

  • Biltwell grips

  • Premium black leather seat, stitched with Serafil thread in the color of your frame

  • 8 unique color options

  • Finished in Prismatic powders

  • Can easily fit and support riders over 6ft, 250lbs

  • Automatic, no gears, no clutch lever











All Dashbuiltminis bikes are offered in 9 high quality powder coat finishes, matched with their respective thread color. If you'd like to change your seat thread color to be different from your frame, please contact us.



*ALL BIKES ARE CUSTOM BUILT AND LISTED AS "OUT OF STOCK". We try and keep build times around 3 weeks, but sometimes they are longer. Please email us at if you are looking for a more accurate build time.




We offer pretty much unlimited modifications and customization. And even if you haven't seen us do it yet, please email and ask about it. We're all about making cool stuff!


Some ideas that we've done or considered doing are listed below:

*Custom seat- Any design, material, or even shape.

*Saddle bags, front basket.

*Color- Any custom color match to ANYTHING.

*Grips- Grip selection and color.

*Powder coat- Wheels, battery box, engine covers, clutch cover, number plate, etc..

*Logos- We can provide any embroidered logos, branding, or themed bikes for your brand.

*Frame- Stainless or Titanium($,$$$) frame.

*Engine- We offer engine packages all the way to 40hp! They run on methanol, are pull start or external start only, are capable of 90+ mph and fit for any drag racing build.

*Wheelie bars


GP Mini Bike

Frame/Stich Color
Stich Color
2-6 week build time
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